Waldorf Astoria Hotel

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Under the slogan of sophistication and excellence, First for Decoration Company is honored to display its creativity in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel project (Qasr Al-Sharq), where we provided interior decoration design and implementation services represented in wallpaper, fabrics, and carpets. The wallpaper was chosen with great care to reflect the elegance and elegance of the place, with exclusive designs that emulate the elegance and luxury of the hotel. We used exceptional quality fabrics, varied in colors and patterns, designed to create a feeling of warmth and beauty in every corner. As for the carpets, they were skillfully selected to blend in with the overall décor, adding a touch of luxury and comfort, and enhancing the unique experience offered by the hotel. This project reflects our skill in integrating art and technology to create an enchanting atmosphere, and demonstrates our commitment to fulfilling our customers’ expectations with the highest standards of quality and creativity. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel now exudes a renewed aesthetic that combines classicism and modernity, leaving an unforgettable impact on the souls of its visitors.

About Waldorf Astoria (Qasr Al Sharq) Hotel

“Waldorf Astoria (Qasr Al Sharq), a luxury hotel located in Jeddah, shines with its exquisite design and excellent services. This hotel embodies the convergence of traditional luxury with modern elegance, and offers its guests a unique accommodation experience in its luxurious rooms and suites, with advanced facilities and exceptional service. It is characterized by its strategic location close to Jeddah's prominent landmarks, making it the ideal choice for travelers looking for comfort and luxury. The hotel features world-class restaurants, fully equipped fitness gyms, and a luxurious spa, all working together to ensure an unforgettable experience for every visitor.”


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