First for Decoration is a fast growing company, constantly enriching its portfolio of solutions, services and brands representation. This meteoric expansion requires further resources, knowledge and professional specialization.
To keep pace with these growing demands and maintain its strong market positioning, First for Decoration is searching for new innovative partners with strong management qualities. We are looking for specialized companies and entrepreneurs who possess long term, proven competence and who are leaders in their fields of action.

True and successful partnerships can guarantee beneficial advantages to both sides. For us it is an essential marketing platform that enables our firm to offer new advanced services and products. For our partners it is an excellent opportunity to improve exposure, reach new markets and increase profits.

We strongly believe that our partnership with suppliers is not less important than our commitment to our clients. Trust and mutual collaboration have always been the foundation of our commercial activities. We have proved it through our ongoing relations with some of our present partners like Tretford, Omexco and Arte, which have exceeded 25 years of partnership.

Join us and be part of our success!!